Anandita Ahuja is a fashion designer who celebrated her 250th anniversary as part wedding guest, part planner. Namrata Loka is a journalist who runs a fashion business, and her wedding lowkey broke the internet. 

But that's just our elevator pitch. We are the best friend duo that simply wants you to love every element of your wedding, and the days leading up to it. We have you covered on aesthetic and a smooth flow of events, and creativity is our strongest suit. We strive to create immersive wedding experiences that reflect your stories, personalities, journeys, and vision. Above all, we care about the whirlwind of emotions you must be experiencing, and give it all we can to make it a stress-free wedding for you and your families. 

Your first consultation is on-the-house and includes unlimited phone calls until we're officially on board. Browse through our services, and get started by giving us a few more details about your big day!